About Us

Javanika Entertainment is a dream realized by Nilaysh and Jagruti Shah. In 2014. Javanika was launched to promote Quality Entertainment from India as well as USA.

Art has multiple languages in the form of Music, Theater, Movies, Dance, and many more. Our passion is to present various art forms and bring Indian culture to our community away from Mother Land.

We take pride in introducing the best talents to society, and we are proud of our extraordinary heritage and culture.

The goal Is to engage the next generation with our exemplary heritage and imbibe the values that inspire and empowers them.

This also provides an opportunity to display to the diverse society of the USA. Besides, we generate job and business opportunities for residents.

We have introduced many of the talents in the Bay Area, whether it was Atul Purohit, Comedy Factory Show, Kirtidan Gadhvi, Sairam Dave, or Kinjal Dave.

We will continue to do so. We introduced Gujarati movies to Bay Area for the first time and over last 10 years we were fortunate to Javanika gives a massive platform to our local singers through Voice of Bay Area, popularly known as VOBA.

Non-Resident Indians have always sought avenues to voice and express their talents. We floated VOBA in 2015 to provide an opportunity for supremely talented singers in the form of a singing competition. Starting in May 2015, a decade-long journey of VOBA has created a huge family that has kept the music playing on the lips, hearts, and ears of music lovers of all ages.